Foundation in Business

Awarded by NCC Education UK.

Programme overview

The Foundation in Business is a Pre-University Programme awarded by NCC Education UK and delivered at Penston Academy in Bangladesh. The programme allows candidates to demonstrate key transferable study skills, mathematical competency and applied cultural understanding, particularly in the context of international business, as well as a grounding in the essential concepts of business and economics.

This 6-month pre-university course is designed for students who have completed their O Level or SSC are looking to enter university. Completing this qualification will mean that they directly enter into the first year of university of a business degree.

Programme Summary

  • Awarding Body: NCC Education UK
  • Approved by: Ofqual (Government Regulatory body for assessments in England including Cambridge and Edexcel)
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Entry Requirements: O-Level or SSC Complete. 

further information

The qualification introduces the field of business and equips students with the necessary study skills to succeed in higher education.

Students are introduced to fundamental concepts of business, cultural competency particularly in a work environment and mathematical concepts and techniques to further their understanding of business and assist them in their future studies.

The programme consists of five compulsory units that are required to be completed by the students.

  • Study & Communication Skills– students learn essential study skills such as conducting research, writing academic paper needed to succeed at university level.
  • Culture Studies– help prepare students for studying abroad or working for multi-national companies in our highly interconnected, digitised world.
  • Foundation Mathematics– builds student’s knowledge of mathematics across a range of topics for their future career.
  • Introduction to Business– provides an introduction to the purpose, concept, types and organisation of businesses.
  • Introduction to Accounting & Economics– Students learn concepts such as market structures and also how to produce simple financial statements.



  • Modules are delivered and assessed on Lectures, Assignments and Exams with comprehensive British Education Experience 
  • Blended On-Campus Classes held at Penston Academy – Centre for British Council Examinations in Bangladesh and with some modules having the option of online delivery. 
  • Stay in constant communication with lecturers and teaching assistants after classes.
  • Access to a wide range of study materials through Digital Library powered by British Council and Microsoft.
  • Access to a full range of Microsoft 365 applications for the full duration of the course. 


NCC Education has recognition with over 70 universities in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia, for students who want to complete their degree overseas at an international university campus. These provide university progression routes enabling students to further their study and career choices.

Students who successfully complete the NCC Foundation in Business will fulfil the main entry requirements for International Universities and can apply to a range of universities in the UK, Canada, Australia and USA.

  • Guaranteed admission into International University 
  • Can be completed in 6 months after O Level and SSC
  • Avoid expensive foundation year abroad. 
  • Accepted in universities across UK, Canada, Australia and USA
  • Learn how to write reports with Harvard Style referencing and the use of Turnitin.
  • Study at a British Council Partner Centre in Uttara.
  • Complete access to full suite of Microsoft 365 applications and cloud storage facilities for convenient study.
  • Balanced and Blended learning through In-Campus and Online classes to avoid exhausting traffic conditions of Dhaka.

Penston does not accept online registration through web forms due to privacy concerns. For application please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and complete the Application Form.
  2. Gather all the following documents:
    1. Photocopies of all Educational Certificates
    2. Photocopy of either Passport or National ID card
    3. 2 Passport size Photos
  3. Email the completed application form and all the documents at or Submit physically at the Penston Academy Centre.

Alternatively call us at: 01317249146, 01833333990. 


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