Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM)

The Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM)(RQF) qualification is designed for graduates or experienced managers wishing to develop a career in management.

Choose to study any of our eight professional units to help you understand and apply up to date management theory and practice in the fields of marketing, information strategy, project management, finance, leadership and entrepreneurship. Take a short, focused programme of study with our master’s level unit certificate to enhance your skills, knowledge and understanding in your field.

Or, complete our comprehensive Level 7 Diploma in Business Management choosing any 6 of the available units to enter or progress your career. Top up, with only 60 credits, to a full masters from a UK university.

Students will explore an extensive range of contemporary issues and develop the critical, analytical and practical skills to succeed as managers and leaders. They will develop and refine their academic skills at master’s level.



Time to Complete

Academic Route:
An honours degree in a relevant subject area from a UK university (1) or equivalent award from a non-UK university (2)

Combined Route:
An honours degree in a non-relevant subject area from a UK university or equivalent award from a non-UK university, together with three years’ work experience in a relevant area (3)

Work Experience Route:
5 years’ work experience in a relevant industry or area (4)


An IELTS score of 6.5 or above for students who do not hold a degree-level qualification wholly taught and examined in English.

Each unit is worth 20 credits at master’s level.

The Level 7 Diploma is worth 120 credits.

Students must study SIX of the following eight units to complete the diploma:

  • Information Systems and Knowledge Management – Students will develop a critical understanding of the strategic roles of information and knowledge management systems in contemporary organisations together with a critical appreciation of tools, implementation approaches and appraisal methods that contribute to their successful use.
  • International Marketing Strategy- Students will develop a critical understanding of international marketing strategy in the context of global operations. Students will learn to effectively satisfy the strategic objectives of organisations in domestic markets and across national borders.
  • Corporate Finance and Decision Making – The purpose of this unit is to impact students’ understanding of the importance of, accountability for, and control over a business organisation’s financial resources.  It will equip students with the skills necessary for sound organisational financial management at a strategic level.
  • Leadership, People and Change – Students will develop a keen understanding of the modern complexities of and new thinking about how to lead successful organisations in the turmoil of today’s business environment.
  • Digital Marketing and Communications – Students will develop a critical understanding of the impact of digital transformation on the formation of an organisation’s marketing strategy and communications in order to effectively implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that engage and convert the contemporary customer.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Students will understand that entrepreneurship is a key area of businesses.  It applies to small sole traders and large corporations.  The link with innovation is symbiotic and the focus of this unit on both areas highlights how enterprises grow and the benefits and risks to innovation.
  • Strategic Management – Students will gain a thorough understanding of the process of strategy formation, development and implementation to improve organisational performance and create competitive advantage.
  • Project Management – Students will be introduced to the discipline and profession of project management and learn transferable skills that help them succeed in a project environment.

Each unit is made up of 12 topics delivered via lectures, tutorial and/or seminars, and private study. Each unit is assessed by either an assignment or an exam.

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