About pais


Penston Academy of International Studies (PAIS) is indubitably an acclaimed education center, celebrated for its quality and a sense of belonging. The vibe of each college is distinct and so is at PAIS where you meet friends for life, where aspirations develop to be an entrepreneur that can change or impact the status quo, challenging you at every level to bring out latent qualities. As an international institute we thrive on equality and mutual respect for one another.
The customized and contemporary business programs, with sheer depth and variety will add in to your academic experience. Foreign faculty concentrating on research will build and promote independent learning.

Students’ lives at are not limited to the four walls of the classrooms, its more holistic, expecting students to get an insight on the academic personnel with equal contribution outside the classrooms.The structured curriculum promotes creativity as well.

Our mission, Vision & Values

At PAIS we aim to be a global leader in the assessment and certification of recognized quality British education. The vision of PAIS is to promote Validated British qualification in Bangladesh via NCC education and make people aware of its values and acceptance worldwide. We believe in making a change in the history of the education industry of Bangladesh by making our students capable of competing at the international level. 

Your Future Starts Here.