Pre-Bachelors Degree
(International FOundation Diploma)


The International Foundation Diploma is 1-year pre-university course designed for students who have completed their O Level or SSC are looking to enter university sooner rather than later. 


Most reputed universities require HSC students to first complete a foundation year before admitting into first year. Completing this qualification will mean that they directly enter into the first year of university. 


The focus of the course is simple. International Universities focus on the basic skills a student should have before undertaking an undergraduate course. Hence this internationally accepted British Foundation Diploma focuses on building English language and study skills and an introduction to the specialization a student wishes to study at Bachelors.

 Duration – 1 Year

 Course Fees –  £1500

 Credits – 120

* For entry onto this program students must have at least one of the following:

  • One GCE ‘A’ level or equivalent or an appropriate school leavers certificate deemed to be of similar level
  • Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
  • Edexcel Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • NCC Education Level 3 Diploma (L3DB*)
  • General Education Development (GED)
  • An International qualification which is deemed to be of a similar level to the NCC Education (L3DB*). This shall be agreed with NCC Educations UK in advance

Year 1 – 120 Credits (Level 4 NCC Qualification)

Core Modules 

·         Essentials of Management – 15 credits

·         Fundamentals of Economics – 15 credits

·         Communications for Business – 15 credits

·         Understanding Business Organisations – 15 credits

·         Introduction to Finance – 15 credits

·         eBusiness – 15 credits

·         Principles of Marketing – 15 credits


Year 2 – 120 credits (Level 5 NCC Qualification) 

Core Modules

·         Business Economics – 15 credits

·         Advanced Business Mathematics – 15 credits

·         Marketing in Business – 15 credits

·         Human Resources in Business – 15 credits

·         Understanding Consumer Behaviour – 15 credits

·         Principles of Business Operations – 15 credits

·         Financial Management – 15 credits

·         Information Systems and Organisations – 15 credits


Year 3 – 120 Credits (NCC University Pathway)

Core Modules 

 ·         Strategic Marketing – 30 credits

·         Managing Innovation in Business – 30 credits

·         Leading and Managing Change – 30 credits

·         Corporate Strategy and Governance – 30 credits

1.     Start university 1 year after O Levels/SSC

2.     Accepted for admission into University in UK, Canada, Australia and USA

3.     Shorter than A Levels.

4.     Focuses on Core University Skills: Research, report writing and communication

5.     Learn about Harvard Style Referencing, Plagiarism and Turnitin: the key to surviving in any international university. 

1.     Assessments: Either exam or assignment for each module

2.     2 semesters 

3.     4 modules in each semester

4.     Classes are held two days a week

5.     Stay in constant communication with the lecturers after class through online and through personal appointment. 

6.     Classes and Examination to be conducted at a British Council Examination Center

1.     Enter University early

2.     Can complete in 1 year after O Level and SSC

3.     For HSC students avoid the expensive foundation year abroad and save fees. 

4.     Accepted in universities across UK, Canada, Australia and USA 

5.     Learn how to write reports with Harvard Style referencing and the use of Turnitin. 

1.     Consistent support from Lecturers

2.     Dedicated tutorial support from our teaching assistant

3.     Access to our e-library

4.     British Council Standard Study Environment 

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